Class of 1977 - Reunion Summary 2002

Total # of alumnae attended 124
Total # evaluations received 35 (28% returned)

What were your expectations for reunion?

  • To see old friends
  • See old friends, meet new friends, see changes in campus, renew ties to MHC
  • To have a good time reuniting and intermingling with class of ’77 and other classes
  • Just to come back and enjoy being here and having time to spend with my friends
  • To show MHC to my daughter and reconnect with classmates
  • Meet old friends and to see the building renovations
  • Meet old friends, introduce daughters to MHC
  • Catch up with what is new at college and classmates
  • Renew old friendships
  • To be here. To connect with classmates and find out where we all are in our lives
  • Renewal of old friendships
  • Seeing friends, former faculty, campus
  • See people, enjoy being back at MHC
  • To see friends, see how the campus has changed
  • To see people I hadn’t seen in 5 years and get to know them again
  • See the campus, see a few friends: Alumnae Parade
  • To meet new and old classmates, reminisce and leave MHC with a “warm and fuzzy” feeling for MHC
  • Reconnecting with old friends. Seeking to re-evaluate what MHC years had provided to me
  • Maybe see some friends, march in the parade, see how the campus has changed and stayed the same
  • See old friends
  • Meet old friends. Visit campus 1st time in 20 year. Take part in parade
  • Have a great time - seeing friends
  • To see friends and enjoy campus
  • Reconnect with MHC. See people from my class
  • Learn about “school” issues. Connect with old friends. Regain “spirit” of MHC
  • See favorite professors (& Back to Class). Get a sense of current teaching and administration goals and aspirations for MHC. Talk with classmates and other alumnae. Hear Queen Noor’s commencement address. Thank Beverly Tatum for her outstanding service to MHC
  • To have good conversation with people I haven’t seen in 10-25 years
  • Reconnect with friends. See campus
  • See friends. Have a lot of laughs

Did reunion meet those expectations? 94%-yes. 6%-no

Why or why not? Cost of the weekend was exorbitant! Many of us could only drive up for the day. $800+ for a weekend for 3, plus airfare for most is too much. $86.95 for Saturday was OK, but $110 for Saturday evening!

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