From the President

December 2012

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great summer and fall, and now are getting ready for a fun winter and holiday season! Thank you for all your support and your vote for me as Class President for the next 5 years, it truly is an honor and I'm looking forward to another great 5 years. We have a terrific group of Class Officers, and I suggest you go to our website and click on the tab on the left of the home page ( and check them out. And please send any of us an email with your thoughts and suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. We also are looking for volunteers for our Nominating Committee (no real activity until Reunion 2017 so if you think you can help us out in 5 years, please send me a note, Also, I know Deb Ditzler Perry and Suzanne Lufkin Weiss are looking for some volunteers as Class Agents, so send them an email if you can help ( and

We also now have a Facebook page, so PLEASE check it out and ask to be a member, we will happily add you to our group. And thanks to Nancy Friedrichs O'Sullivan and Merry Hampton for setting up the page, this was a suggestion from Reunion and they rose to the challenge and quickly brought us into the next generation of social media!

Speaking of our 35th reunion, we had 73 alumnae attend, plus 20 adult guests and 7 children! Everyone had a great time, and many of us spent most of our time just catching up with our classmates. Many thanks go out to Sue Rittenhouse Sokoloski and Sandy Jones, our co-chairs, as well as their team of volunteers who made it all possible. Jodie Hurwitz and Pam Taylor were our Head Class Agents and they led the charge for our excellent reunion gift of more than $200,000.

We have updated our MHC Class of '77 site ( ) and I encourage you to read the incredibly in-depth summary of our 35th Reunion weekend under the Reunion 2012 link (, eloquently written by Andi Popik Tabor. For those who attended Reunion, I know this write up will bring back great memories, and for our classmates who were not able to attend, it will give you a great sense of all that we did. I hope it will also make you decide right now that you will be part of Reunion 40 in 2017!

And by the way, on our site under "Giving, From The Treasurer" (, please check out the list of classmates who have paid their $35 dues fro 2012-2017 and if your name is not there, please send your dues to our wonderful treasurer, Susan Hardy, 18 Ann Lee Rd, Harvard, MA 01451, and make your checks payable to "MHC, Class of 1977".

Hope everyone stays connected through our Facebook page, website or mini-reunions through the year. Several of us got together a couple of weeks ago in NYC for brunch (a 3 hour brunch!) and I know many of us are also going to Vespers in the City on December 7th. Its always wonderful getting together, so I encourage everyone to reach out to classmates in your area. If you would like a list of alums near you, just let me know.

Happy holidays to all the amazing women of the Class of 1977!


Liz Lewis Gershon
201 513 6310

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