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A Word from the Nominating Committee.

Below are descriptions of the class officers' roles. Please tell us if you'd like to run or if you can help us identify women who should be nominated for these different positions. This is your chance to get on the ballot!

Contact any one of us or Liz Lewis Gershon to follow up.

These descriptions are plagiarized and quoted from the Class Officer's Handbook. But every woman brings her own personality and priorities to the position and thus these are only guidelines.

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The class president is the personal link with the Alumnae Association and the College and she must have a firm commitment to her class, the Association, and the College. She puts five-year reunion plans in motion and communicates with her classmates at every possible opportunity. She needs to keep up with her classmates' and be aware of their achievements, since she will be asked for recommendations of classmates to receive special honors.

She works with other class officers to make sure the bills get paid, money gets raised, interim officers are appointed to the board when necessary, and the Alumnae Association and the College are kept informed of our achievements and honors.

The president is also responsible for communicating with the class on a regular basis in good times and bad. For example, she makes sure we stay in touch, but she also sends condolence letters, when necessary.

She also has several duties at reunion that exemplify the level of dedication and energy that are required by this position.

  • The president appoints a reunion chair.
  • She attends a reunion planning workshop during the fall/winter of the year preceding the reunion and works with the reunion chair and co-authors the fall and winter reunion letters.
  • She writes a class history of 100 words or less for presentation at the Alumnae Association Annual Meeting or Alumnae Association Meeting.
  • She keeps track of addresses for class honoraries and invites them to the class social hour and dinner.
  • She informs the treasurer of her reunion-related duties and makes sure that if the treasurer cannot attend reunion, that she (the president) has the checkbook at reunion.
  • As marshal for the class in the alumnae parade, she attends the meeting of class presidents and reunion chairs on Friday afternoon of reunion weekend and informs her class of the parade route and alternate plans in case of rain. She assists with lining up class members for the parade and carries the class banner. She presides over the class meeting at reunion.
  • She ensures that a final class officer slate is given to the Alumnae Association by Sunday of reunion.
  • She turns over her records to the incoming president at reunion and serves as a resource to the new president, when necessary.
  • She notifies all newly elected officers of their office and helps with the transition of records, especially with the treasury.
  • As outgoing president, she sends out a post-reunion letter during the summer (in collaboration with the reunion scribe).


The secretary is responsible for preserving class records, and keeping and preserving minutes of class meetings. She also supervises the collection and storage of all permanent class records and memorabilia, except for the records kept by the scribe, class agent, and treasurer. She assists members of the Executive Committee with the preparation of letters and publications, occasionally assists the president and reunion chair, as requested, in preparing a letter to the class after reunion weekend. (Or a special reunion scribe may be appointed.) The college archives provide guidance on preserving class records.


  • The scribe is responsible for gathering, verifying, and preparing class news items, which are forwarded to the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly notes staff person four times a year
  • She maintains a file on each class member that contains:
    • all correspondence received for class notes from a class member,
    • copies of newspaper clippings (originals are sent to the Alumnae Association), and
    • current address.
  • She informs the Alumnae Association of address changes for class members.
  • She notifies the Alumnae Association of the death of any class member (news of a death must be verified by a dated newspaper clipping or a letter from a near relative) and arranges for the publication of a tribute. (A personal tribute by a classmate who knew the deceased is desirable, but the scribe may wish to contact a family member for a tribute.)
  • She may appoint regional assistants, who relay news from each region.


The treasurer keeps permanent, accurate and business-like records of all class funds. Records should be maintained according to the Alumnae Association's fiscal year (July 1-June 30) and include detailed listings of receipts and expenditures, bank statements, backup documentation that may be necessary to substantiate amounts received and disbursed (e.g., dues notices, reunion fee schedules, invoices).

  1. General Responsibilities
    • She establishes and maintains a bank
    • She completes and submits the Annual Financial Report for Classes
    • She collects dues authorized by the class.
    • She records and promptly deposits all receipts.
    • She promptly pays all bills approved by the class president.
    • She reconciles bank statements on a monthly basis. All bank statements must be sent directly to the treasurer.
    • She sends financial reports to the class president at least every six months.
    • She attends Executive Committee meetings or provides written accounting reports.
  2. Treasurer's Duties in Relation to Reunions
    • The treasurer arranges (in consultation with the president) to have sufficient reserve funds on hand during the summer preceding reunion, so that bills may be paid promptly for expenses incurred before reunion fees are paid.
    • She deposits all checks for class charges and pays all reunion bills.
    • She settles the balance due to the Alumnae Association and the College immediately after receipt of bills.
    • She renders an accounting of reunion finances to the class president and the incoming class treasurer by September following reunion.
    • She transfers the treasury and records to the new class treasurer after reunion.

Head Class Agent(s)

Head Class Agent(s) report(s) directly to Development Office staff.

The head class agent(s) (also called reunion gift chair(s) in the reunion year) is responsible for the class's contribution to the Alumnae Annual Fund each year, managing callers and class agents or reunion gift callers.

Class agents solicit gifts up to $999 and Cornerstone callers are responsible for solicitations of $1,000 or more. Leadership gift solicitations are coordinated with the Annual Fund staff.

Training is provided for new head class agents at a Volunteer Training Conference on campus in September. The Development office has a specific annual calendar of events and deadlines for the reunion chairs to follow.


This position is difficult to define before both it and the president's position are filled. Essentially, the vice president's duties are designated by the president. Each Nominating Committee should work with the Executive Committee to outline duties before soliciting candidates for the position. Anyone accepting this office must be prepared to work closely with the president and take over presidential responsibilities, if necessary.

Specific duties for this office may include: chairing reunion, organizing mini-reunions, being a contact with Mount Holyoke class daughters and/or with class honoraries, promoting mini-reunions and class activities, and/or making contacts wherever there are significant numbers of classmates.

Reunion Coordinators

Among the little and not so little things that the reunion coordinators handle:

  • Determining and securing the Laurel Parade costume for the class
  • Printing the class booklet, which is distributed to all attendees and saved with the class' records in the Mount Holyoke Archives
  • Making room assignments for reunion attendees
  • Getting supplies to make the weekend run smoothly, like nametags, maps and agendas for the weekend
  • Hospitality for the class' dorm during reunion, including the class happy hour and any other food and beverages that might be provided within our confine during the weekend
  • Planning the class dinner for the weekend -- and making sure there are enough brownies to go around
  • Most importantly, recruiting and deploying the volunteers who will help the reunion coordinators make the magic happen during reunion weekend

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee selects candidates for the elective offices of the class: president, vice president/social chair (vice president/reunion chair), reunion chair(s), secretary, scribe, (or secretary/scribe), treasurer, head class agent (in consultation with the Development Office staff), and three members of the Nominating Committee. If interim positions open on the board, the nominating committee helps the president fill them.

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