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Jill Weyler Lesage writes: My 16 yr. old daughter will be looking at colleges this summer. She's got her sights set on becoming an architect. I don't think MHC has a pre-arch. program, but I hope she considers it if she decides to pursue a liberal arts degree first. She's very bright and creative. Let me know if you ever network with anyone with insight into this field.

  • REPONSE: Jill, my daughter is studying to be an architect and is in her 2nd year of the 5 year professional degree program at RPI in Troy, NY. She LOVES the school and, although a piece of me will always wish she had gone to Mount Holyoke, I am excited to see the passion she has for her studies and her field. I spent many hours researching the field as I knew nothing about it. We visited about 20 schools before she began the application process. She also attended two different summer programs for high school students interested in architecture. I would be very happy to share my learnings and experiences. And, I'm sure my daughter would be very willing to talk, meet with, and share her experiences and thoughts as well. Please feel free to email me at jddjkane@aol.com or call me at home: 973-377-7504.

Caroline d'Otreppe writes: My husband, Etienne, and I opened a bed and breakfast called Spencer On Main in 2004 in Suffield, Connecticut. We are three miles from Bradley International Airport and a forty-five minute drive from South Hadley. This would be a great place to have a reunion. If the Class of 77 wanted to have a gathering off campus, we would be happy to consider hosting a reception of some sort. Our website is www.spenceronmain.com.

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