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From Our Class Agents

November 2015

Dear Class of 1977,

Here we are. Sixty years old, or thereabout. Have you found that Mount Holyoke College means something a bit different now? We cherish our memories. But, day to day, do you notice a difference?

Maureen Harrigan came to spend the weekend with me (Suzanne) in Maine just a few weeks ago. We took a boat from Port Clyde to Monhegan Island and "hiked" around. Our conversation was laced with MHC, but in a different way. More thoughtful. A deeper understanding of how we were touched or nurtured by our college experience. We had a wonderful time.

She also noticed that I am re-reading T.S. Eliot. I have my copy of "The Wasteland" from Freshman Seminar. Remember that seminar? There were 10–12 of us total in each class? It was a powerful and slightly off-putting introduction to Mount Holyoke. And yet, I think of Professor Anne Doyle almost daily. I distinctly remember when she told me that my paper wasn't as bad as she had thought, or bemoaned the grammar of certain journalists and writers. (She would hate my grammar in this letter.) My copy of "The Wasteland" has notes from class. But, at 60, I'm reading it from a totally different perspective. I find myself profoundly grateful for my college education, every subject, every experience, even every mail route I walked in every kind of weather. Along with T. S. Eliot, my MHC education will always be a part of me.

I would not, could not have gone to MHC without help. I worked, applied for grants, and thankfully, I received scholarships. Maureen reminded me that I had basically put myself through college. In a way that is true, and true for many of us. But the scholarships were key; scholarships that were funded by generous Mount Holyoke alums. Today, as we write to ask you to contribute to The Mount Holyoke Fund, I think of helping other young women, from all walks of life, experience the opportunities that I was given, that all of us were given. I think of the beauty of the campus, the rigor of classes, and the deepening awareness as I age of all that Mount Holyoke gave us. Those four years were so worth it.

Each of us leads a unique life. Each tells a different story. We have different commitments, differing finances, and have made different contributions to the world. Yet, we are ALL Mount Holyoke women! Let's each give to MHC whatever we can give. Let's give for the next students. Let's give to keep Mount Holyoke strong. Let's give for the memories, but also for what MHC means to each of us today, at 60.

Thank you to those of us who have already given. Please join us today.

Your gift will grow immediately! From November 8 to November 15, your gift will be matched in the Founder's Day Challenge. No matter what you give, it will be doubled. Think of that. Fantastic!

This is an excellent time to make a gift. Please join us, as we pledge our on-going support to our Mount Holyoke College.

Make A Gift

Thank you so very much!

Suzanne Lufkin and Deb Perry
1977 Co-Head Class Agents


Dear Class of 1977,

Mount Holyoke College and the Class of 1977 are knocking on your door. If you've already given, we thank you so very much. If not, please give today . We need you!

Beginning in 1834, Mary Lyon spent 4 years traveling throughout New England knocking on doors and collecting donations in her quest to found an institution of higher education for women. Persevering despite a severe economic depression, she collected donations ranging from six cents to $1,000—as well as practical items like quilts, bedding, stoves, and furniture. Mary Lyon was determined to establish a wide base of financial support to ensure the permanence of Mount Holyoke, and every donation represented support for her bold dream.

Please join us in answering Mary Lyon's knock on the door. With a gift of any amount to The Mount Holyoke Fund, you will join the broad base of support providing the foundation on which our alma mater stands.

While we are making progress, we still need you. Our goal is to reach, or exceed, $145,000 and we are currently at a total of $118,705. As important, if not more important, is that we are only at 24% class participation. We're so much more generous than that! We need 64 of you to join us to reach our goal. Truly, giving an amount you can feel good about is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than worrying that it's not enough. Everything helps. Every single gift is important. Please act today, but do be sure to make your gift by June 30th, so your participation can be counted toward the Class of 1977 gift to Mount Holyoke.

You can make a gift online or by calling 800-MHC-GIVE. As history has proven, every penny counts!

With best wishes and huge thanks,

Deb Perry and Suzanne Lufkin Weiss


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